The Indipendance cultural association, with the support of the Unione Montana Alta Valle del Metauro, has invited the citizens of the towns of Urbino, Fermignano, Urbania, Peglio, Mercatello sul Metauro, Borgo Pace to meet in the most beautiful places and dance the Nelken line . Over 50 citizens, of all ages, took part in the project. The result was a video showing the human, scenic and architectural beauty of this piece of central Italy. Collaborative project with graphic designer Michelangelo Alesi.
The Nelken Line           
short film
Fermignano, PU, 2018
for Indipendance
published by The Pina Bausch Foundation

The Nelken Line of the Alta Valle del Metauro, Italy from Pina Bausch Foundation on Vimeo.

(c) Leda Bartolucci 2019. All rights reserved.